One fine walk (English)


Special walks in Porto
with Algeth Adeline Weerts

(translation to be completed)

I live in the 'most beautiful city in the world', Porto.

Here the Douro meets the ocean. This city lives from a subtle and ever-present tension of contrasts.

I am fascinated by the interplay of river and sea, of light and shadow.

A nation rich in tradition and modern life, that's what Porto combines.

I am impressed by the contrasts of old and modern, poor and rich.

I love my walks and I am always discovering new and incredible views.

Would you like to go off the beaten pathes and see hidden treasures and wild places?

Would you like to get to know secluded and less known parks?

Okay - I would love to take you with me!


For your stay in Porto I would like to offer you guided walks of different duration and length. You can choose individually.

Maximum number of participants: 6

The meeting points for a walk are prominent locations.

The requirements of the walks vary and are partly indicated in the descriptions here. Public transport is also used for the walks (e.g. for the way back).

By th end of a morning walk I like to go for a group lunch!

Cost for a walk: 12 € per hour and person (costs for meals and public transport are not included).

Please also ask for individual/ individualised hikes. I am happy to create something special and suitable for your personality, adapted to your abilities and wishes. (Cost 15€ hrs./person).

Duration and level of the walks are suitable for inexperienced to advanced walkers. But the first priority is enjoyment and also lingering and marvelling.

By the way:

In Porto I am called Adeline

for portuguese people it is easier to understand. You can use this name too.


Tour 1: Entre Quintas

Entre Quintas means "Between the farms". 

The way leads down to the Douro and the river mouth via one of the oldest paths - known in Roman times - down to the Douro. 
We walk along the river to the ocean.

Duration approx. 2 hours. Level: Easy to moderat.

Tour 2: Rail-Way

From the lively and vibrant Bonfim district to the Fontaínhas neighbourhood and the old railway line high above the Douro River.

Duration approx. 2 hours. Level: a little more demanding because of the steep stone steps.

Tour 3: By the river into the city

A bus ride will take us upstream to the Douro.

The return journey will take us towards Porto city along the river and into the quiet of a small boat harbour.

Duration approx. 2 hours. Level: Easy

Contact: Algeth Adeline Weerts 

phone +49 162 96 95 98 1 (Germany)

 +351 968 665 373 (Portugal)

Please feel free to use the contact form.

And please do not forget to give me your address or/and email address

This is Porto - and yet not Porto

Crossing the river one will find the town of Gaia. That is not Porto!

There are many beautiful places in Gaia too.

And the famous port wine companies have their wine cellars here.

Tour 4: From the river to the sardines

The walk is along the south border of the river to the idyllic Marina (peer).

From there you will have a magnificent view of Porto.

(It is possible to extend the walk to a nature reserve).

Duration approx. 2/ 2.5 hours. Level: Easy.

Tour 5: From top to a glass of Port (wine)

A walk from almost the highest point in Gaia through a Portuguese residential area and steadily down; to the river, back to the Ribeira de Gaia, where the port wine cellars are located.

Duration approx. 2 hours. Level: slightly more demanding

Please note! You are responsible for your own personal safety!

Only your personal health or accident insurance covers costs in case of accidents.

No reimbursement of costs in case of cancellation of the hike.